About Me  Portraiture is at the heart of my practice.   My work focuses on transition and identity and examines the complex relationships between humans and their environment.  I specialise in intimate natural portraits and aim to draw out the in-depth and noteworthy of everyday life.

I have worked for a range of editorial, commercial and private clients and my work has been published and exhibited widely including; The Portrait of Britain, The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize the V&A Museum of Childhood, The National Portrait Gallery, The Guardian, and the Sunday Telegraph.
I have several books of Portraits published including East London Swimmers by Hoxton Mini Press,  Sister Brother by The Wind in the Trees  and Portraits, by the Swedenborg Society.
I also work in education delivering specialist creative photography workshops to children and schools,

A Portrait of Harrow  I spent a year and a half as Photographer in Residence in one of the country's elite boarding schools.  Alluding to the traditions of the school, I set out to capture a sense of place and the individuals who give it meaning through a series of formal portraits of the members of staff and boys in one particular boarding house. 

209 Women One hundred years after women first gained the right to sit in Parliament as MPs, the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art will host the ‘209 Women’ exhibition from 14 December 2018 to 14 February 2019.   Unveiled in time for the anniversary of the first election where some women could cast a vote, the exhibition includes portraits of female MPs, all photographed by female photographers in an all-female initiative.

Dream on Collaboration with children from year 5 in an East London Primary School, exhibited at the V&A Museum of Childhood.    Working with fellow artist Katherine Tulloh we supported the children to retell, stage, dress and make photographic scenes to create powerful photographic images of their own dreams. 

Hidden in the Tide a photographic portrait project created by pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School with Madeleine Waller, commissioned by Tideway.

Sister Brother. an exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, exploring sibling relationships and how they influence our sense of self.  

Seeing Things Differently in collaboration with the Forge, Funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation with a Test and Explore Grant.     The children worked with myself and writer Carina Rodney using photography to improve their creative writing skills.  They wrote poetry, explored their dreams and self identity through a series of photography and writing workshops.

Picture the Poet an exhibition of high quality photographs of living poets touring to six regional venues. Listen to audio recordings.

Hoxton Mini Press East London Swimmers Book Two East London Photo Stories

The Swedenborg Society   Artist in Residence Portraits of Members and Associates of the Society solo exhibition.

Faces of Poetry - Contemporary Poets group exhibition and talk

National Portrait Gallery - Faces of Poetry - Contemporary Poets group exhibition

Portraits of Poets St Anza Poetry Festival St. Andrews, Scotland digital slide show 

Portraits of Poets Poetry Café, London solo exhibition

Arts Council Visual Arts Grant

Life Lessons - 5 young people discuss the process of growing up while we watch them transform from children to adults - Channel 4.

Picture the Poet - Ilkley Literary Festival

National Portrait GalleryLondonportrait of Sophie Hannah from Portraits of Poets Photographic Portrait Prize

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